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Speeding up retrofit delivery
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What is Retrofit Action Week?

Retrofit Action Week (RAW) campaigns are constructed around three core engagement models: the online regional Retrofit Summit, the in-person Home Upgrade Show plus a range of 3rd party-organised satellite activities.

Regional engagement campaign
Key components of the week
Maximising engagement

Retrofit Action Week (RAW) is a regional retrofit engagement campaign organised by Low Carbon Homes which has created a unique network of individuals and organisations across the UK, all connected by their ambition to play an active role in decarbonising our existing housing stock.

Each Retrofit Action Week (RAW) campaign has evolved into three core engagement components:

  • Online regional Retrofit Summit
  • In-person Home Upgrade Show
  • 3rd party-organised satellite activities

This approach, building upon successful regional retrofit summits, is designed to maximise communication reach while providing the widest range of knowledge-sharing opportunities for anyone interested in scaling up retrofit.

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